License Department
Small Games of Chance License

Allegheny County Treasurer John K. Weinstein is the exclusive agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the issuance of Small Games of Chance licenses in Allegheny County. Any eligible nonprofit organization, with its normal business site within a municipality that has passed the Small Games of Chance Act, can acquire a license.

Eligible nonprofit organizations are defined by the Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance Act 195 of 1990 as charitable or religious organizations; branches, lodges or chapters of national or statewide veteran, civic, or fraternal organizations; or local civic nonprofit organizations that have been recognized by resolution passed by the municipality in which the organization operates. Volunteer fire companies, wildlife and conservation groups, and sportsmens organizations are examples of local civic organizations. It can also include school booster groups that are established to promote and encourage participation and support for extra-curricular activities as long as said groups have been recognized as such by a resolution passed by the governing school board or directors.

The Small Games of Chance Act requires the license to be site specific and must be issued to the organization at its normal business site.

Small Games of Chance License Fees
(Effective 01/27/14)

Standard Small Games of Chance License
License is valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance, and has a $2,000.00 prize limit. Renewable annually. Valid one (1) year from date of issue.
Special Raffle Permit
This permit can be obtained by any organization holding a valid license, and allows one (1) raffle per permit with an individual prize in excess of $2,000.00.
One Month License
This license is valid for thirty (30) consecutive days only and has a $2,000.00 prize limit.

For further information or to request an application, please call the Treasurer's Office License Department at (412) 350-5762.