Allegheny County Rental Vehicle Tax

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On December 4, 2007, Allegheny County Council enacted a $2.00 per day Rental Vehicle Tax for Allegheny County which was signed into law by the County Executive to be effective January 1, 2008. Under state law, County Treasurer John K. Weinstein is the Tax Collector of all taxes levied in Allegheny County and thus responsible for the collection of this new tax.

If your establishment rents motor vehicles (any cars, trucks, vans, trailer or semi trailer used to transport property other then commercial freight) without a driver for less then a thirty (30) day period, you are subject to comply with the provisions of the law and this new Tax.

Monthly returns and tax remittance for revenues collected must be received by the Treasurer as posted in the following chart.

Monthly Collection Schedule

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Collection Period  Due Date    Collection Period  Due Date 
January February 15 July August 15
February March 15 August September 15
March April 15 September October 15
April May 15 October November 15
May June 15 November December 15
June July 15 December January 15

Any payment received after the due date shall be subject to penalties and interest required by the Ordinance and may be subject to enforced collection and payment of Costs of Collection as permitted by applicable law.

Return monthly forms along with checks made payable to:

John K. Weinstein, Allegheny County Treasurer
Room 217 - Courthouse
436 Grant Street
Pittsburgh Pa 15219-2497 

Questions concerning the Rental Vehicle Tax should be directed to 877-TX-DRINK or 877-893-7465, or via email to Email to: .

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