License Department
Use (Launch) Permit for Unpowered Boats

The Use (Launch) Permit is an option for unpowered boats only.

Boats equipped with electric motors are considered motorboats.

This permit will expire on Dec 31 (one or two years) after the date for which it was issued. 

Use (Launch) Permit Fees

One-Year Permit $10.00
Two-Year Permit $18.00
Permit fees must be paid by check or money order to PA Fish & Boat Commission.


Other Fees

Fee collected and retained by agent for Decal $1.00
Decal fee must be paid with separate check, money order, or cash.


In order to purchase a Boat Launch Permit, print the form using the link below. Boat Launch permits can only be issued by the County Treasurer's Office or World Wide Web Icon Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission Issuing Agents.

World Wide Web Icon PDF Icon Use (Launch) Permit Form