Hotel Occupancy Tax

Allegheny County Treasurer, John K. Weinstein is responsible for the collection of Hotel Occupancy Taxes reported from all hotel/motel operators in Allegheny County. The tax, which is mandated by state law, is levied at a rate of 7% and generates revenues for a variety of convention related purposes. These funds support the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, the Pittsburgh Convention & Visitor's Bureau, Inc., the Sport's & Exhibition Authority, and the Convention & Visitor's Bureau of Greater Monroeville. Revenues generated in calendar year 2013 totaled $30,179,087.28.

PDF Hotel Tax Distribution Flowchart 
PDF Hotel Tax Distribution Breakdown 

Registration of Hotel Operators

All hotel operators are required to submit an Application for Registration to the Allegheny County Treasurer's Office. This document provides the Treasurer's Office with important information concerning the hotel/motel, such as, its ownership structure, business address, mailing address, room rates, and number of rooms available for transient occupancy. The information received is used for billing purposes and is kept confidential. This information is updated on a yearly basis.

Upon receiving the Application for Registration, the Treasurer's Office will provide the hotel/motel operator with a collection schedule and materials necessary to properly report and remit collected revenues.

PDF Application for Registration to Collect Hotel Room Rental Tax 
PDF Rules and Regulations for Hotel Room Rental Tax 

Collection Schedules

Monthly Collection Schedule

Hotel/motels with fifteen (15) or more rooms remit revenue on a monthly basis. 
Collection Period  Due Date     Collection Period  Due Date 
January February 20  July August 20 
February March 20  August September 20 
March April 20  September October 20 
April May 20  October November 20 
May June 20  November December 20 
June July 20  December January 20 

Quarterly Collection Schedule

Hotel/motels with less than fifteen (15) rooms remit revenue on a quarterly basis. 
Collection Period  Due Date    Collection Period  Due Date 
January-March April 20  July-September October 20 
April-June July 20  October-December January 20 


Allegheny County Hotel Tax Collections

Hotel Tax Collections Graph 

For further information, please contact the Allegheny County Treasurer's Office at 412-350-4110
or 412-350-4114.