Staff Training & Development


The Training Department at Shuman has the primary responsibility of meeting the on-going professional development needs of Shuman staff.

The two primary areas of responsibility for the Training Department are the orientation of new staff and the continuing education of current staff.

In addition to providing the actual trainings, the Training Department is responsible for maintaining accurate records of staff training.

Under Department of Public Welfare (DPW) regulations new staff members are required to receive training that includes an orientation the their specific job duties, the care and management of children, child abuse and neglect reporting, and the use of restrictive procedures. Additionally, new staff members are required to have at least 30 hours of training in various other areas specified by DPW as relating to the safety and security of residents in detention.

Typically the orientation period lasts two weeks. All training is conducted in-house by the Training Manager or other adjunct trainers in the building.

DPW regulations also require that each staff member receive 40 hours of training annually in various areas that relate to the safety, care and development of children. Each staff member is required to receive a refresher training in CPR and Heimlich techniques each year.

These trainings may be conducted using in-house trainers, speakers may be brought in from outside, or staff may attend professional trainings conducted by an outside source.

The Training Department is committed to providing high quality, informative and entertaining trainings for all Shuman staff members.