Secure Custody

Observation and supervision of residents and inspection of the physical plant in order to prevent escapes and meet the obligation to protect the community. Ensuring control and order.


Design and maintenance of the physical plant to promote a safe environment. Protection of residents from physical harm, intimidation, and all forms of abuse. Reporting and management of suspected abuse and potentially hazardous conditions.

Health and Well-Being

Medical screening, routine care, and emergency treatment. Reporting of health conditions to cooperating agencies in keeping with confidentiality standards. Ensuring resident well being by promoting nutrition, fitness, and peace of mind. Opportunities for professional, mental-health guidance.

Observation, Assessment, and Reporting

Gathering of educational, psychological, and social information through standardized instruments, interviews, and unstructured observation. Using observation and information to aid residents in adjusting to detention and preparing for the future. Interpreting observations and information accurately and reporting to the court, probation, and placement agencies.

Resident Development

Development of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior through incentives and discipline, formal programs, and the informal climate. Enhancing self esteem and imparting a sense of responsibility. Attention to learning and growth that emphasizes developing academic, vocational, and social skills. Opportunities to express thoughts and feelings in a climate of encouragement, fairness, and predictability. Opportunities for physical training, recreation, religious expression, and quiet time.