Shuman Juvenile Detention Center

Shuman Center 

Our Mission

The mission of Shuman Center is to provide safe, secure custody and to promote the health and well-being of youths committed to its care. Shuman Center also aims to create an environment that fosters social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.

The mission of Shuman Center is pursued in accord with the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act and regulations governing secure detention as set forth in 55 Pennsylvania Code Chapter 3760.


In accord with the Pennsylvania Juvenile Act, detention provides secure custody and temporary care in a physically restricted, humane environment for alleged or adjudicated delinquent youths awaiting court disposition or transfer to another jurisdiction or agency. In Pennsylvania, delinquency is defined as any crime under federal, state, or local law except murder, summary offenses, and status offenses such as truancy and running away.

Jurisdiction extends to Allegheny County youth between the ages of ten and seventeen. If the delinquent act was committed before age eighteen, jurisdiction may be extended to age twenty-one. Youth from outside the County who are accused of an offense in the County or who are under court order may also be detained.

At times persons charged with homicide before their eighteenth birthday may be detained in juvenile detention as a courtesy to the Criminal Court which has initial jurisdiction over juvenile homicide cases.