Health Services

Health Services at Shuman

A basic goal of Shuman Center is to guarantee the health and safety of residents while they are detained. Health Services is committed to meeting this goal by providing health services and setting professional health standards. The primary purpose of Health Services is to promote good health in the institution through a staff of health care experts whose chief concerns are to identify threats to health, provide health education and train staff.

A staff of registered nurses and a team of pediatricians are responsible for obtaining pertinent medical history information, performing medical examinations, diagnosis and treatment, and/or referring residents to other health care facilities. A consulting psychiatrist oversees all psycho-tropic medications, and mental health emergencies. A dentist performs oral examinations each week to determine which residents require urgent dental attention. A consulting pharmacist directs the ordering and storage of medications. All health professionals consult with the Manager of Health Services in planning and implementing health care at Shuman Center. The health services staff shall focus on issues relevant to high risk adolescents in an institutional setting, such as: contagious diseases and epidemics in the larger community, dangerous behavior, and other morbidity trends among adolescents.

Health Services are managed by the Manager of Health Services who is responsible for staff development, department accountability, and establishment of health policy, coordination with other Shuman Center departments, and planning, developing and implementing a health education program for both staff and residents.