Hartman Adolescent Male Shelter


In an effort to reduce overcrowding at Shuman Center, the court has contracted with Auberle to provide a twenty-four (24) bed staff secure delinquency shelter unit that will house male juveniles deemed appropriate for transfer from Shuman Center. The Hartman Shelter is intended to reduce overcrowding at Shuman; it is not a diversion or alternative to detention. Every effort will be made to ensure that the Hartman Shelter is filled to capacity at all times.

Shuman Center remains the point of entry for all juveniles admitted or ordered to detention. Juveniles will not be admitted directly to the Hartman Shelter from home or from Court. Juveniles will be considered for transfer only after the judge or hearing officer orders detention. Upon transfer to the Hartman Shelter, the juvenile is released from Shuman Center but remains in custody pending further Court action as per the original detention order.