Retirement Contribution Level and
Retirees' Health Plan Notice

(December 14, 2004)
At the December 8, 2004 Retirement Board meeting the Board unanimously voted to maintain the current contribution rate at 6% for employee and county match.

Rate of interest paid to employees that leave county employment and withdraw their contributions will be 2.40%.

Notice for Retirees: Health plans available to Retirees 65 years or older:

Health Plan Coverage Fee Member Service
E-mail from
UPMC for Life Unlimited Prescriptions $127.94 1-877-381-3765
Security Blue
(Highmark BC/BS)
Unlimited Prescriptions $187.00 1-800-227-8195
Health America Advantra Unlimited Prescriptions $160.00 1-900-290-0190

Retirees may e-mail or call the Retirement office to obtain enrollment packets.