Draw Down Accounts

The Department of Real Estate has implemented a new service called a "Draw Down Account." This service is being provided to you to better facilitate the process of securing copies, recording documents, receiving fax copies or any other service available in the Department of Real Estate.

The Department of Real Estate does not bill for these Draw Down Accounts. Each Draw Down Account customer is responsible for the replenishment of the account.

This service is offered as a convenience to our customers. A company can have one account, but each user must have their own ID and password.

PDF Draw Down Account Agreement

Please complete the Draw Down Account Agreement and mail this Agreement along with your deposit to:

Joanne DePascale-Fiscal Coordinator
Department of Real Estate
101 County Office Building
542 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15219

Internet Draw Down Account

An Internet Draw Down Account must be activated by using your credit card. Visit the World Wide Web Icon Department of Real Estate Online Search for more details. NOTE: The Internet Draw Down Account is totally separate from an internal Department of Real Estate Draw Down Account.

If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Real Estate at the above address.