Deed Certification Rejection Reasons

  • Missing Legal Description

There is no legal description in the deed.  The deed is required to contain a legal description that contains subdivision plan book volume and page and lot reference or bearings and distance, and does not contain such.  The recording of corrective deed is required that includes the complete legal description.

  • Illegal Subdivision

According to our records, the deed contains an illegal subdivision.   The deed is selling part of a property.  Both state and county planning codes state that only subdivision plans can split property.   Please review the deed description against the description that Office of Property Assessments lists in their records to rectify the two descriptions. 

  • Wrong Plan Description

According to our records, the deed contains an incorrect plan description.  An updated description (Plan Book Volume/Page, Plan Name, and lot number) must be filed in a corrective deed to reflect the plan and/or lot that is describe in Office of Property Assessments records.

  • Incorrect Legal Description

The legal description in the deed is incorrect.  Please verify the legal description in the deed with the Office of Property Assessments records and make any necessary corrections in the filing of a corrective deed. 

  • Property already sold to another owner

According to our records, the property described in the deed was already transferred by another deed to another owner. Please verify the legal descriptions in all pertinent deeds. 

  • No Assessment found under Grantor

According to our records, there is no property assessment under the name of the grantor on the deed.   Please contact us with proper recording information on previous deeds that would reflect proper ownership or corrective deeds may need to be filed to correct this problem. 

  • Incorrect percent / interest of ownership

According to our records, the percent/interest of ownership is different that what is documented in the deed.   Please review Office of Property Assessments records to verify the information and correct with a corrective deed. 

  •  Incorrect Grantor

According to our records, not all property on the deed is owned by the grantor.  Please verify ownership and legal descriptions to correct any discrepancies.  A corrective deed will be required. 

  • New Plan Needs Recorded

A new plan needs to be recorded to subdivide the property as described in the legal description.   The plan that is referenced does not subdivide the property as intended. 

  • Grantor Name Not Accurate

According to our records the spelling and/or name of the grantor is different than is recorded in the deed.  Please make any necessary corrections to the deed and file a corrective deed to match the previous deeded spellings and/or names. 

  • Grantor Missing on Deed

Not all grantees from previous deed are grantors in current deed.   Please review previous deeds and assessment records.  A corrective deed must be recorded. 

  • Adverse Possession

Deed is for an adverse possession, which our office can not process without a court order.  Please obtain a court order specifying ownership of the property and file a new deed with the court order. 

  • Prior Deed Can not be Processed

The prior deed to this filing can not be processed by our office due to a discrepancy or inaccuracy.  Please contact our office to discuss the issue that must be resolved. 

  • Will/Administrator Reference Required

There is no will book reference, schedule B reference, or reference of deceased spouse who still has title on property.   The deed is required to include references to any owners titled per the last recorded document that may be deceased and how the grantors have the right to sell the property or why the decedent is not listed on the deed.   A corrective deed will need to be recorded.

  • Invalid Certificate of Residence

The certificate of residence is either incomplete or not a valid mailing address per the US Postal Service.  Information regarding the requirements for Certificate of Residence are located on the Certificate of Residence webpage.