Brownsville/Broughton Intersection Project

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The Brownsville/Broughton Project is a realignment of the current intersection to provide better flow of traffic on Brownsville Road, Broughton Road, Curry Hollow and Horning Road. Work on the project includes: roadway reconstruction and widening, bituminous paving, reconstruction and extension of a concrete arch culvert, as well as improvements to drainage, curbs, sidewalks, traffic signals and more.

Work on Broughton Road will occur between Brownsville Road and Pike Street, as well as on Brownsville Road east of Philippe Drive, to Thomas Avenue. Overall work will conclude in summer 2013. The prime contractor is Frank J. Zottola Construction Inc. of Valencia, Pa.

The project is being sponsored and managed by the Allegheny County Department of Public Works. PennDOT is overseeing the project due to the federal funding involved.

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Project Scope 

  • The project was bid on December 16, 2010 through the PENNDOT ECMS system.
  • Frank J. Zottola Construction was low bidder at $8,595,474.
  • The County executed the contract and issued the contractor Notice To Proceed on May 2, 2011.
  • Overall completion of the project will occur  end of summer in 2013.
  • Brownsville Road is now the main thoroughfare at the Broughton Road intersection. Brownsville will have two through lanes and dedicated turn lanes to reduce backups.
  • Broughton Road will meet at Brownsville as a conventional T intersection. With Brownsville Rd. realigned, the Broughton queue is extended to stack more vehicles. Also, Broughton will have a dedicated right turn lane and mainline will have two lanes for turning northbound onto Brownsville Rd.
  • The current intersection of Brownsville Road and Curry Hollow Road, just north of the railroad underpass, will be realigned and have a new traffic signal. Brownsville Road traffic heading southbound will now be allowed to make left turns onto Curry Hollow Road.
  • All traffic signals as part of this project will be synchronized to optimize traffic flow.
  • Other features of this project include new curb and sidewalk as well as drainage improvements; A rain garden will also be installed on site, which will collect storm water and allow water to outflow through infiltration into the ground. Native species of plants and shrubs will be planted in the rain garden area as well.
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Monday, June 25, 2012
New Restrictions Announced for Project to Improve Intersection of Brownsville, Broughton & Curry Hollow Roads in South Park Twp., Baldwin Borough, Pleasant Hills

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Blue Arrow New Restriction Announced for Brownsville/Broughton Intersection Project