Specialized County Police Units

All requests for specialized services from the Allegheny County Bureau of Police must be placed through the appropriate local municipal Police Department having jurisdiction. No requests for specialized services will be honored directly from non-police personnel.

Audio and Video Forensic Unit
The AV Unit is equipped with the highest quality forensic analysis computer systems used to process audio, video and digital image evidence. The detectives assigned to this unit are well trained and have a wealth of experience in forensically correct evidence processing, as well as criminal investigations. Law enforcement agencies inside Allegheny County can submit evidence for processing free of charge. Out of county submissions are welcome, however, there are some limitations on the types of cases that will be accepted. For information about services or to submit evidence call (412) 473-1386.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team
Established in 1975, the duties of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit includes the safe rendering of various types of explosive devices, including military ordnance, and conducting post-blast investigations for possible criminal prosecution. The EOD Team responds only to the finding of suspected or known explosives. They do not respond to bomb threats. Once dispatched, the EOD Team is able to identify, remove, disarm, explode, collect as evidence or transport explosive devices as well as conducts post blast investigations. Law Enforcement agencies requesting use of the EOD Team should contact the duty sergeant at District I at (412) 472-5513.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal K-9
The EOD K9 is utilized only after a physical search of the premises or area has been conducted and a package or unidentified object of a suspicious nature has been located. The EOD K9 will then be dispatched to the scene and the suspicious package or object will be checked by the K9 for specific odors. Law Enforcement agencies requesting use of the EOD K9 should contact the duty sergeant at District I at (412) 472-5513.

Detention Services
The Allegheny County Police at District I have two cells with video camera and may be utilized by personnel transporting prisoners through the Pittsburgh International Airport. Personnel transporting prisoners should contact the duty sergeant at District I at (412) 472-5513 prior to their arrival at the Airport. Armed personnel should also contact the air carrier regarding instructions pertaining to the carrying of firearms and the handling of prisoners on board their aircraft. The duty sergeant at District I can be contacted at (412) 472-5513.

Narcotic Detection K9
The Allegheny County Police Narcotic K9's are available to other Law Enforcement agencies upon request. They are capable of conducting limited searches of areas, homes and vehicles. Narcotic K9's can assist other law enforcement in conducting searches in the execution of search warrants. All requests for Narcotic K9's should be placed through the duty sergeant at District I at (412) 472-5513.

Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT)
Comprised of more than 20 members, the SWAT Team assists in the execution of high-risk arrest and search warrants, hostage rescue situations, barricaded armed individuals, and other high risk situations. The SWAT team is on a constant 24-hour standby. The Crisis Negotiations Team is a separate unit made up of patrol and investigative officers who work hand in hand with the SWAT Team. Law Enforcement agencies requesting assistance from the Allegheny County SWAT team should contact the duty sergeant at District I at (412) 473-5513 or by contacting the Allegheny County Police Communications Center at (412) 473-3000.

Airport Drug Interdiction Team
The Airport Drug Interdiction Team conducts daily surveillance of airline flights while utilizing dogs trained to detect concealed drugs and paraphernalia.

Mounted Patrol
There are more than 20 officers on horseback who patrol in the City of Pittsburgh, North Park, South Park and other areas when necessary.

Motorcycle Detail
Upon request, motorcycle patrol officers are available to local municipalities, with permission from the County Executive. Duties include police escorts, parades and patrol duty for the regional parks.

Community Awareness Program
The police department is available for a wide range of topics on community safety under the permission of the County Executive.

Police Training Academy
The Police Training Academy, located in North Park, offers Act 120 Police Officer Certification and Firearms Qualification training to individuals in Allegheny County and surrounding county agencies, including many state and federal agencies.