Ongoing Academy Services and Specialized Training

Impact Weapons

Training and re-certification for your officers can be arranged at the Academy . This can also include handcuffing.
Contact Deputy Gary Wolverton at 724-935-5566 ext. 223. 

OCAT (Pepper Spray)

Training for your Officers can be held at the Academy.
Contact Deputy Gary Wolverton at 724-935-5566 ext. 223. 

Weapons Qualifications

Scheduling is flexible and by appointment only. Four-hour blocks available from 8:00 am to noon and noon to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Night shoot dates also available.
Contact Jeff Mohr at 724-935-5566 ext. 239. 

Firing Range Updates

All qualifications are being performed according to the M.P.O.E.T.C. standards for recruits for both pistol and shotgun. The daytime pistol course is a 60 round qualification; the dim light course is a 50 round qualification (flashlight required). A duty rig is required for all pistol qualifications.  We also offer patrol rifle/carbine qualifications using the MPOETC guidelines.  We will continue to offer a more flexible approach for daytime and nighttime qualifications to help meet your departments needs. 
Contact Jeff Mohr at 724-935-5566 ext. 239 to reserve times. 

Taser Training

Basic taser training, certification and re-certification provided to law enforcement agencies by appointment.
Contact Deputy Gary Wolverton at 724-935-5566 ext. 223 to discuss your needs and to schedule. 

Basic Physical Agility Testing

Our staff will conduct your department's candidates through your Department's battery of tests. We do request at least one representative to be present; for larger groups please send additional personnel to help proctor the testing. All testing will be for 9:00am or 10:00am (depending on the tests)- Monday through Friday.
Contact the Academy at 724-935-5566  to schedule. 

Weight Room

For all officers participating in our annual M.P.O.E.T.C. training program, we offer a modern, fully equipped gym and workout area, which has recently been upgraded and refurbished. We now have a professional stair-stepper, treadmills, and stationary bike, and of course numerous machines and free weights.

Job Postings

We will post any police department's job openings on our website if you request.  Please contact the Academy to have your department listed at no cost.  To make the postings more viable, we ask that there be a timeline for postings (a closing date).

Photo Identifications

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are currently unable to process requests for Photo Identifications at this time.

We continue to offer all police officers free photo ID pictures, including department labeling and lamination. We have recently upgraded the process to a new computer format. We will make arrangements to allow the printed cards to be sent to the Chief for his signature, and then returned to the academy for laminating. This process creates a very nice ID card.
Contact the Academy at 724-935-5566. 

PDF Icon ID Card Form  (to be filled out by Dept. Chiefs)
PDF Icon More Information

Please Note

As always, the Academy staff and the Advisory Board welcomes your input concerning the types of training you would like to see offered at the Academy. Also, where time and space permits, we would consider hosting classes, seminars, etc. that your agency may be sponsoring.

Please advise the Academy if your department has a web site and/or e-mail address where we can send updates, revisions, new class offerings, cancellations etc.