The mission of the Allegheny County Police Training Academy is to provide the most up to date and diversified, quality instruction for recruit and veteran police officers.


  • Comply with all requirements and mandates of the Municipal Police Officer's Education and Training Commission.

  • Review and evaluate suggestions made by the Academy Advisory Board and other law enforcement sources.

  • Maintain and seek out the highest quality instructors, in their respective fields, to conduct our training endeavors.

  • Insure our facility provides a safe and conducive environment for learning.

  • Network a more positive image to promote increased enrollment in basic recruit and advanced training.

  • Expand and enhance our firing range facilities, to include more challenging and practical live fire scenarios.

  • Reduce operating costs through better accountablity and management.

  • To more efficiently utilize existing facilities to accommodate classroom instruction.

  • Obtain a high standard of effciency through economy of management and utilization of other financial resources.