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The 2015 Elective In-Service training course schedule is available for review.  This coming year's course schedule should reveal a variety of classes where many of you have expressed an interest.  At present, we have a diverse and full complement of classes scheduled with more to come.

As usual, some classes are free of charge and others require a student fee. Also, please pay close attention to the listed registration process, as each differs, but is explained.

As in years past, keep in mind that the course schedule is not a complete listing for 2015. We are constantly working to get additional training here and expect to offer over 100 classes before year's end. As we confirm additional training subjects and dates, we will update our courses through our website.

I would also like to mention that we have updated our website in an attempt to make it more user friendly. In addition to a simplified index, you will find direct links for detailed class information and registration. We hope this improvement will encourage more to register on-line.

We continue to offer the  nationwide law enforcement job opportunities listed for Western PA and any other area that we have received notices. Chiefs please note: when your community is hiring police officers, please send a notice to us and we will immediately have it posted on our site and notify our existing basic recruit class. This should help you draw from a larger pool of candidates.  Job posting requests should include a closing date whenever possible.

As always, to help us better serve our law enforcement community, I encourage all of you to let us know of any training that you would like to see offered at the Academy or at a possible site nearer to your area.

Inspector Wayne Gaffron
Academy Director