Dress Code

In order to maintain a professional appearance, the Allegheny County Police Training Academy, with the advice and support of the Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association, are setting forth the following requirements. All in-service officers must follow the dress code to be admitted to ANY training held at the Academy.

Classroom Dress Code

All Officers:

  • It is recommended that the uniform of the day, as prescribed by a police department for use during normal uniform patrol activities, be worn while attending in-service classes. In lieu of this, see acceptable standards below, for male and female officers.
  • No weapons are to be worn in the classroom. NO EXCEPTIONS! Weapons may be checked at the gun locker located in the Academy office, or locked in officer's trunk, during class.


  • Shirt with a collar - NO tee shirts or tank tops.
  • Docker type trousers - NO shorts or jeans.
  • Full shoe with socks - NO sandals or shower shoes.


  • Blouse with collar.
  • Skirt or pants - NO "skorts", shorts or blue jeans.
  • Full shoe with stockings or socks - NO sandals or shower shoes.

Firing Range Dress Code

All Officers:

  • The uniform of the day as prescribed by a police department for use during normal uniform patrol activities.
  • Absolutely NO red colored hats, shirts or jackets!
  • A plain tee shirt in good taste, without slogans or inflammatory statements - NO tank tops or cut-off tee shirts.
  • Blue jeans may be worn, but NO shorts or cut-offs that expose the legs.
  • Full shoe, boot or tennis shoe. NO open toed footgear is allowed.
  • Eye and ear protection SHALL be worn.
  • Strong side directional holster - NO cross draws, shoulder or leg holsters.
  • Wearing of a baseball type cap is recommended.
Please Note: 
Any officer coming to the Academy who is not properly attired may be denied admittance to the classroom or range, and a report will be sent to the Chief of Police, stating the reasons the officer was not permitted to attend the training session. The only person who can waive any part of the dress code is the Academy director, if a request is made by an instructor or range master.