Basic Recruit Training
Application for Admission

Please follow these steps to complete the application process:

  • Print and complete ALL pages of BOTH application forms listed below and submit in accordance with the instructions.
  • Attach or have your school send directly to us, a copy of your High School Transcript.
  • Police recruit applicants MUST meet ALL of the following application requirements.
  • Optional - If you wish, you may include a letter of character reference from your local Chief of Police.
Application Forms 

Police Training Academy Registration Form 

PDF  Commonwealth of PA MPOETC's Physical Examination Form 
PDF  Requirements to Pass Physical Agility Test and the Tasks 

Completed applications should be mailed or hand delivered to: (faxed copies will not be accepted)

Allegheny County Police Training Academy
700 West Ridge Drive
Allison Park, PA 15101-1799
Phone: (724) 935-5566