South Park
"By the Dawns Early Light"
Flag Retirement Plaza

Flag Retirement Plaze Dedication Ceremony
Flag Retirement Plaza Dedication Ceremony 


"By the Dawns Early Light" Flag Retirement Plaza in South Park was the first one-of-a-kind facility to provide a location for the proper retirement of our nation's symbol.

Designed with the help of John Kovach, Jr., a former Marine and SFC in the PA National Guard, the hexagonal plaza is surrounded by seven flag poles - one for each branch of the military and one for the American flag - with a burn pit in the center. A deposit box on the site allows visitors to leave soiled, damaged and tattered flags to be incinerated during future ceremonies. Flag being folded for the dedication of the Flag Retirement Plaza in South Park. 

Located behind the Children's Theatre in South Park, the site was named by North Catholic High School student, Natalie Sippel of McCandless, the winner of the County flag essay contest.

The Plaza will facilitate the retirement of our nations emblem with the respect and dignity it deserves. It allows us to lead by example and teach our children the importance of respecting this symbol of our security and freedom.


If you wish to use the Flag Retirement Plaza to conduct a flag retirement ceremony, contact the South Park Permit Office at 412-835-4809 or 412-835-4810 for the proper permits.

For information on properly displaying and retiring the U.S. flag, visit the National Flag Foundation.