Parks Department

Deer Lakes Park 


Created and maintained by Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society 

18 Hole Course with a Par 66:
    Red Tee (recreational): 5685'
    White Tee (intermediate): 7257'
    Blue Tee (expert): 8316'  
Deer Lakes Disc Golf Course start point located at Blue Gill Shelter
Start Point
(located at upper end of Blue Gill Parking Lot) 
 Park Map 
Map and Scorecard
Tee Signs - Holes 1-9
Tee Signs - Holes 10-18

August 2010 Update:
Deer Lakes Tee Pad Update: The (Tee) Party's Over!
The two-year long Deer Lakes concrete tee pad project is now complete! 54 5'x13' pads were prepped, poured and finished with over 700 volunteer hours by Pittsburgh Flying Disc Society (PFDS) volunteers and immeasurable machinery and manpower contributed by Allegheny County Parks and Public Works. PFDS invested $1000 in the project, while Allegheny County Parks contributed nearly $10,000 in materials. A renovated split rail fence at the top of the cliff on #9 green, improved walking paths and landscaping were also completed.

With 25 volunteers and 3 Deer Lakes Park workers, 2 Gators and 1 Toro cart, the remaining tee pads on the Deer Lakes disc golf course were filled, floated, edged and textured on August 21, 2010.

Mike Dutch, Bob and Jimmy ran the carts to and from the cement truck and the tee pads, while Marcus Ranii-Dropcho, Dan Sauers, Vince Slaugh, Dave Kuhrt, Will Graves, Matt Plunkett, Robin White, KB Clark, Joe Olar, Ben Hoolahan, Tim Stouden, Katie Stouden, Scott Heintzleman, Scott McIntyre, Josh Charlton, and Kurt Poole worked da mud. Thanks also to Tim Wright who procured the all-important bull float, and to Leo Liller for loaning a number of finishing tools. Jerry Gotcher and Alanna Poole pruned a number of greens and tees and took some pics, too.

More info on the PFDS Deer Lakes page.

Deer Lakes Disc Golf Course - Basket 6
Basket 6
Deer Lakes Disc Golf Course - Basket 10
Basket 10
Deer Lakes Disc Golf Course - Basket 15 at the Tee
The Infamous Basket 15
at the Tee
Deer Lakes Disc Golf Course - Basket 15
Basket 15
Do you go for it?!
Deer Lakes Disc Golf Course - Basket 15
Basket 15
Deer Lakes Disc Golf Course - Basket 15
Basket 15
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