Parks Department

Memorial Tree Planting Program

Tree Picture for Memorial Tree Program In 1973, a memorial tree planting program was established with the County Parks system. The program was instituted to allow for special planting to honor a person, organization or event.

The benefits to the Parks system include replacing trees and shrubs lost due to weather related damage, insects, disease and old age. In the past five years alone, more than 5,000 trees have been lost.

The program is offered as a way to provide living memories within the protected confines of the Allegheny County Parks.

Adopt-A-Tree Program

There are several important trees already established in the parks system, including ones from the Bicentennial Tree Count (trees which were determined to be 200 years old as of Allegheny County's Bicentennial in 1988). These trees require special care from trained arborists. There is also a special group of trees in South Park at Joyce Kilmer Circle with a memorial featuring the poem "Tree". The Adopt-A-Tree program is an ideal project for school groups and other organizations wishing to help preserve these trees for future generations. Your donations will assist in providing special fertilizer and care for adopted trees.

Allegheny County Parks

The Allegheny County Parks system, established in 1927, now encompasses nine parks comprised of nearly 12,000 acres of landscaped fields and woodlands, offering a variety of active and passive recreational activities to more than 11 million visitors annually.

The county parks include North Park, South Park, Hartwood, Deer Lakes Park, Harrison Hills Park, Boyce Park, White Oak Park, Round Hill Park and Settlers Cabin Park.