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Preserving the Harvest Tips & Recipes

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Preserving the Harvest Recipes  
PDF   Antoinette’s Old-Fashioned Pickled Beets  
PDF   Pineapple Preserves  
PDF   Favorite Salsa & Gazpacho Soup  
PDF   Thick Tomato/Tomato Paste Salsa    
PDF   Strawberry Soup  
PDF   White Zinfandel Jelly  
PDF   More Recipes
    Peach Preserves
     Yellow Tomato Preserves
     Caramel Spice Pear Butter
     Eggplant-Tomato Relish
     Caramelized Red Onion Relish
     Bluebarb Jam
     Lemon Verbena Jelly
     Rose Geranium Jelly

Canning equipment - Needed
  1. New lids & clean, unbent screw bands
  2. Clean jars with unchipped rims
  3. Tongs or magnetic lifter for lids & rings
  4. Timer
  5. Measuring cups, measuring spoons & long-handled wooden spoon
  6. Jar lifter
  7. Jar funnel – wide mouth (stainless steel)
  8. Ladle & slender spatula
  9. Hot pads, oven mitts, and/or heatproof gloves
  10. Boiling water bath
  11. Canner with rack
Canning equipment - Helpful
  1. Kitchen scale
  2. Candy thermometer
  3. Chopper
  4. Sieve
  5. Jelly bag for making jellies
  6. Cheesecloth for lining colander if straining foods
Boiling water canner

Partially fill canner with water and place rack inside. Bring water to a simmer. Using a jar lifter, place the filled jars into the canner without tipping them. When jars are in canner, make certain the water covers the jars by 1” to 2”. If it does not, add more water. Turn the heat to high until water boils vigorously then lower heat enough to maintain the boil. Keep the pot covered and begin the timing as soon as the water starts to boil.

When proper time is reached, remove jars with lifter to an area covered with a dry towel, keep jars slightly separated so they may cool slowly and cover them with another towel to prevent them from getting a draft. Do not re-tighten any of the screw bands that might be loose at this point. This may cause damage to the seal. As the jars cool, the lids will “click” down. Allow the jars to sit 24 hours. Screw bands can be removed if you need them at this point, otherwise, just label and date jars and store them in a cool dry place.

Preparing lids and screw bands for canning

Examine screw bands and do not use any that are rusted. Use only new lids. Make sure each one has a complete ring of sealing compound around the groove.

Bring water to a boil in a saucepan and place the rings and the lids in the water, however, do not boil these - it will make the sealing compound too loose. Just keep them hot.

More useful canning tips

  • Remove tiny air bubbles from jars by carefully running a non-metallic utensil down the inside of each packed jar. (you can even use the handle of a wooden spoon or a slim rubber spatula). This will remove trapped air.
  • Always inspect the rim of your jars to make certain there are no chips in the rim. It will not seal properly in there are any marks or abrasions in the glass.
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