Pool Pass Program Information

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  1. All applicants (each family member) must be present at the time of application in order to receive their individual Photo ID Pool Pass. 
  2. Photo ID Pool Passes are available for purchase at all four County Swimming Facilities and those four Park Administration Offices. 
  3. Total payment must be made at time of application.
  4. Proper proof of identification (Drivers License Photo ID and/or PA Identification Card)  must be provided at time of application.
  5. These Photo ID Passes provide free access to four County swimming facilities except for holidays (i.e. Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day).
    • Weather and conditions permitting, the pools will open for the season from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. 
    • Hours of operation are 11:30 am - 7:30 pm daily. In case of inclement weather, if the pool does not open by 2:00 pm, it will remain closed for the balance of the day. 


  • Boyce Park: 724-327-0338
  • North Park: 724-935-1766
  • Settlers Cabin: 412-787-2750
  • South Park: 412-835-4809


Pool Pass Fees

  Fee  N-R* 
Individual (Age 18-59) Pool Pass 80.00 100.00
Family Pool Pass:
2 Parents and 2 Children, or
1 Parent and 3 Children
150.00 188.00
Each Additional Family Member 20.00 25.00
Senior Citizen (Age 60 & Over) Pool Pass 40.00 50.00
Replace Lost or Stolen Pool Pass 20.00 25.00
Active Volunteer Firefighters & EMTs
Must submit a  Park Pass Program application and a obtain Parks Photo ID Pass.
No Fee N/A

* N-R = Non-Resident Rate