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Park Pass Program
for Active Volunteer
Firefighters and EMTs

 To give back to community groups and to those who protect and serve our area on a round-the-clock basis, Allegheny County started the Park Pass Program. 

Firefighters and emergency medical technicians often work nonstop to protect Allegheny County, and for their dedication to ensuring safety the Parks Department, the Park Pass Program was created in 2009 to give active, volunteer firefighters and emergency medical technicians free season passes to:

  • County-owned pools
  • Ice skating rinks
  • Boyce Park ski lifts 

The passes are valid during the swimming season at the four County swimming facilities; during the ice skating season at the rinks in North Park and South Park; and during the ski season at Boyce Park.  

The program also entitles the department or company to one free park rental per year for company picnics (up to $50 value per year).  

To benefit from the Park Pass Program, active, volunteer firefighters and active, volunteer emergency medical technicians must complete and submit an application for the program to the Parks Department.

For more information on the programs and instructions for submitting applications please call the Parks Department at 412- 350-2455.

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