Community Days Program

The Community Days Program allows groups to take advantage of the Park Group Discount rate.  A group can be any municipality, community development group, employees' group or association, or community-oriented association. 

Facilities eligible for discounted use are County poolsice skating rinks, and ski slopes.

How Community Days works:

  1. Establish a date for your group's gathering.
  2. Submit your request annually for approval in writing to the Director of the Parks Department. 
    The request should include information such as:
    • Date of the gathering.
    • Group name.
    • Group leader - name, address, phone.
    • Park and facility name.
    • Approximate number in group.
    • Minimum 24 hour notice
  3. Group discount rates for the selected facility will apply.
  4. All Park rules and regulations are in effect.
  5. For further information, please contact the Park Administration Office at 412-350-2455.