Deck Hockey Rules and Regulations

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We are happy to have you be a part of our Deck Hockey facility in South Park.Treat the facility and equipment with respect. Under no circumstances will destructive, disruptive or abusive behavior be tolerated.

Roster Limits

You MUST have a limit of 12 registered players and a maximum of 15 players.  


Roster Changes

Roster changes can be made on or before the 6th game. No roster additions are permitted after the 6th game. No refunds will be made after the 2nd game of the season.  


Non-Roster Players

Any team found guilty of using non-roster players will forfeit all games those players participated in and face possible suspension from the league.  


Eligibility Policy Rule

Age as of January 1st. Example: John turns 10 on January 2nd. He is eligible to play in the 7 - 9 age group the entire year. 

Any team deliberately found using over-age players (that were over-age before the registration date) will forfeit all games that the player(s) had participated in. Official birth certificates may be required upon request.  


Equipment Requirements

  1. Deck hockey shin pads of any kind must be worn by all players, except goalies who are required to wear goalie pads.  
  2. Gloves of any kind must be worn by forwards and defensemen. No cut out fingers will be allowed.  
  3. All players must wear a helmet, full face shields or mask and mouthguard.  
  4. All players must wear elbow pads.  


Jersey Requirements

ALL players must wear matching jerseys. Teams or players not having matching jerseys must ask for an exception from the rink manager who may grant a temporary deferral at his/her discretion.  


Alcohol or Drugs

No alcohol, drugs or tobacco products are permitted in the rink area. Anyone caught drinking or using drugs or tobacco products on the property will be suspended from the rink indefinitely.  



Allegheny County Department of Public Works/Parks Division is not responsible for scheduling referees.  


Bench Clearing

Fighting will not be tolerated at any time. Anyone involved in an altercation will be subject to permanent ejection from the rink and/or park. 


3rd Man In Rule

Any player(s) that enters into any altercation (for any reason) will receive an automatic game misconduct and be subject to permanent ejection from the rink and/or park.

Any player(s) that enters into any altercation in the parking lot will be subject to permanent ejection from the rink and/or park.


Game Misconduct

Any player given a game misconduct must leave the rink (playing) surface or your team will be subject to forfeit.


Abuse of Officials

Team members (including the coaching staff) may not verbally argue or abuse referees or minor officials. Any player, coach, manager or team representative who persists in arguing with, or verbally abuse referees or minor officials will be suspended for a minimum of two games. Team members (including coaching staff) may not strike or attempt to strike an official under any circumstances. Anyone who strikes or attempts to strike an official will be subject to permanent ejection from the rink and/or park.


Damaging Property

Anyone who willfully causes any damage to the rink area or any part or the rink will be subject to permanent ejection from the rink and/or park and will be required to make restitution before being allowed to play again (under the discretion of the rink manager).



Anyone caught littering in or around the rink area will receive either a 2 game suspension or a $50 fine.


Halting Play

Referees have the authority to halt play at any time once the game underway and award a win to either team (regardless of the score). This will be done if it is determined that either team is being unduly disruptive to the orderly course of the game.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Call 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday:

South Park Office at 412-835-4809