Parks Department

Public / Private Partnerships

A signature piece of the Parks Action Plan is the effort to partner with the private sector to operate a number of major park facilities. The County will issue request for proposals (RFP) for adaptive reuse of a select park resources.

Request for Proposal

In an effort to continue to invest in our parks, Allegheny County is issuing request for proposal for many significant assets within the county regional park system.

Request for Proposals issued for reuse of the: 

  • North Park Boathouse 
  • Hartwood Acres Stables 
  • South Park Fairgrounds 
  • Boyce Park Four Seasons Activity Center including the skiing and tubing area 
  • Operation of Tennis Courts, and others 

The goal of this effort is to:

  • Renovate and rehabilitate these facilities
  • Identify uses for these facilities that will provide year round, family oriented activities
  • Generate revenue for long term maintenance

We are looking for innovative ideas for these facilities. If you have an idea for another asset in one of the parks, please submit it to our attention at Email to: .