Key Staff



Director   Elliot Howsie, Esquire
Deputy Director   Shanicka Kennedy, Esquire

Trial Division

Deputy of Trial Division   Stacey Steiner, Esquire
Trial Manager   Matt Dugan, Esquire
Trial Manager   Rebecca Hudock, Esquire
Trial Manager   Kelli Kleeb, Esquire

Pre-Trial Division

Deputy of Pre-Trial Division   Turahn Jenkins, Esquire
Pre-Trial Manager   Brandon Ging, Esquire

Appellate Division

Manager of Training and
Interim Deputy of Appellate Division
Carrie Allman, Esquire

Juvenile Division

Deputy of Juvenile Division   Tiffany Sizemore, Esquire


Chief Investigator   Phil Gallo


Office Manager   Jeff Cuttler
Administrative Assistant   Jayme Holloway