Administrative Services


Selection   Appeals 
  The Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review hears and decides all appeal hearings. The Office of Property Assessments manages the administration of the hearings. The Appeals Division mails hearing notices, processes and schedules the hearings, and handles postponements and withdrawals.
Selection   Assessments 
  Using base year methodology, assessors evaluate all residential and commercial properties in the County. They also update changes in property characteristics occurring through improvements or deterioration. In addition, the department administers a number of tax reduction programs to property owners who qualify for them and apply for them.
Selection   Information Technology 
  Working through the Department of Computer Services (DCS), the Office of Property Assessments (OPA) verifies and submits change orders to all taxing bodies of Allegheny County, provides documentation to the Court of Common Pleas, and provides data for sales. Also, OPA submits files for the Web site updates, provides training and support for our system application, and evaluates current processes.
Selection   Property Assessments Website 
  The Property Assessments website offers information on assessments, appeals, tax reduction programs and property record data. It offers an OPA Fact Sheet, which provides a quick summary of programs and services. Our website supplies links to the Real Estate Web site and other related sites. It also provides a quick and easy way to contact us by email and receive a response within one to two business days. In addition, forms can be downloaded from the web site to expedite the process.
Selection   Real Estate Data CD 

Offered by the Office of Property Assessments, the Real Estate Data CD lists all of the properties in Allegheny County – more than 572,000. There are two files on the CD. The data file is updated quarterly.

The Master File includes such data as parcel ID #, owner name and address, property location, tax bill address, assessed value, and most recent sale price. For residential buildings, the file also includes selected data describing the dwelling (e.g., style, year built, condition, etc.). The file does not describe commercial buildings. Note that there may be more than one row per parcel for certain properties. If a parcel has multiple residential dwellings, then the file will have a separate record for each dwelling.

The file is a tab delimited text file, currently containing approximately 580,000 rows of data. The raw data must be loaded into an appropriate software package (not provided) in order to query the information of interest.

The File Layout offers a list of property descriptors and includes two sample records.

To order this data CD, please complete the PDF Icon Real Estate Data CD Order Form or call 412-350-6322.

Selection   Real Estate Website 
  The Allegheny County Real Estate website makes it easy to review information about your property. This website offers building and property information, appeal status, tax information, comparables, and other useful data. If you're selling your home or appealing your assessment, you can use the Real Estate website to help you through the process of gathering information and comparing your property with similar properties in the area.
Selection   Public Information Center 
  Public Information attends to property owners who call, email or walk in to discuss property issues they need help in resolving. This office is located on the Third Floor of the County Office Building in downtown Pittsburgh at 542 Forbes Avenue. Business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Public Information provides service by telephone through the Call Center (412-350-4600) and in person at the Service Counter. Service Coordinators are available Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; automated service is available evenings and weekends. Public Information answers property owners' questions on many topics, forwards questions to appropriate units for attention, and provides property maps and records.

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