Administrative Services

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City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County 
City of Pittsburgh Department of Finance
Information for City residents about taxes and other related matters. 
Department of Real Estate Website
Deeds and mortgages, realty transfer tax, municipality tax rates and more. 
Municipality Map
Links to information about individual municipalities within Allegheny County. 
Municipality Tax Millage Rates
Treasurer's Office listing for municipality millage rates. 
Real Estate Data CD
The Real Estate Data CD has Allegheny County property information, including characteristics, ownership and tax information.
Real Estate Website
View characteristics, photographs and tax information on properties in the County. 
School District Tax Millage Rates
Treasurer's Office listing for school district millage rates. 
Treasurer's Office Real Estate and Tax Calendar
Treasurer's Office has the official tax deadlines. 
Treasurer's Office Website
Treasurer's Office has more comprehensive information on County taxes. 
Pennsylvania State Office of Open Records
Information about Pennsylvania Right to Know Law, Act 3 of 2008, signed into law on February 14, 2008. 
Pennsylvania State Property Tax Relief Program 
Information about Pennsylvania property tax relief on Special Session House Bill 39 signed into law June 27, 2006. 
Other Links 
Carnegie Library Assessment Information
Online Resource Guide for Property Tax / Assessment for Allegheny County