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Heinz Field, Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh, PA 

 Heinz Field, Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh, PA 

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Did you Know... ?

  If you want to change your address:
  • For Tax Notices: Call 412-350-4100 (Treasurer's Office).
  • For Assessment Notices: Call 412-350-4134 or refer to the Dept of Real Estate's Change of Address Web page.

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Property Assessments is to deliver uniformity in base year assessments. We aim to supply accurate data resulting in fair assessments, as well as helpful, knowledgeable service in processing requests for information and assessment-related inquiries.

Base Year Methodology

Allegheny County uses base year methodology to set assessed values.  Allegheny County’s current base year is 2012 with an effective date of value of January 1, 2012.   This base year was used by the Office of Property Assessments for the last county-wide reassessment in 2013 and for all tax years since then.   The  assessed values shown on this website do not reflect current year market values.  They reflect the base year value of a property as it stood on January 1 of that year.  Base year methodology allows similar homes to have similar assessments by eliminating the effect of changing market conditions.

Base Year values are subject to ongoing maintenance throughout the year. In accordance with the County's Administrative Code and State statutes, values may be adjusted for the following reasons:

  • The Office of Property Assessments can adjust Base Year values through the administrative change process for factual, mathematical or clerical errors.
  • Base Year values can also be adjusted due to a change in the physical nature of the property with building permits for additions or demolitions, or due to recorded subdivision plans.

At Your Service...

The Office of Property Assessments Public Information Center addresses many questions on assessments, deeds, mapping and appeals issues. The Public Information Call Center and Service Counter answer property owners’ questions by phone or in person. Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., and an automated service is available for evenings and weekends. If you have questions or concerns related to property, billing or taxing information, please consult the online Quick Help Guide. Also, the Real Estate Web site allows property owners to view property and tax information online for any property in the county.

Our services page contains a complete summary of the services we provide.