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Clean & Green Program (Act 156-PA)

Previously known as Farmland & Forest
Land Assessment Act (Act 319)
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The deadline to apply for preferential assessment is June 1st
in order to be effective for the following calendar tax year.
The recording fee is NOT required at the time of application. 

Land in agriculture use, in agricultural reserve, and in forest reserve in Allegheny County is eligible to be assessed at the value it has for that use instead of at fair market value.

Changes in land usage may trigger property owner to roll-back taxes as regulated under P.S. 72, Sections 5490.8 and Section 5490.2  

If the application is approved:

  • The Application for Preferential Assessment will be recorded by the Office of Property Assessments (OPA) in the Department of Real Estate (formerly Recorder of Deeds) of Allegheny County in a Preferential Assessment Docket.
  • The Department of Real Estate shall impose a fee equal to the current fee for a Deed in the "DEEDS" table on the Department of Real Estate's Fees Web Page.
  • A money order, certified check or business check is required by the Department of Real Estate. Make payable to the Department of Real Estate of Allegheny County and mail to:

Allegheny County Assessors' Office
Clean & Green Program
400 North Lexington Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

NOTE: The recording fee is NOT required at the time of application. Do not send the fee until the application is approved.  


Clean & Green Form and Instructions

PDF  Act 156-PA - Clean & Green Program
Application and instructions for use value assessment of land for real estate tax purposes under Act 319 of 1974 - Clean and Green" as amended by Act 156 of 1998
The recording fee is NOT required at the time of application.

For more information:
  • Call our Clean & Green Coordinator at (412) 473-4285
    (Monday thru Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm)
  • Or visit the World Wide Web Icon Clean & Green Act on the PA Code website.


Agricultural Reserve Parcels List

PDF  Agricultural Reserve Parcels Report
(Revised: 02/2015)
Under the Clean & Green Program, the non-commercial properties listed in this report are open to the public for recreation, at no charge or fee, and with no discrimination against any person using the land.