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Application for Exemption from
Property Taxation for
Non-Profit Organizations and
Governmental Entities

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Exemptions from real property taxation are authorized by state law for: Churches, Burial Grounds, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Fire Stations, Courthouses, Jails, public parks for public use, and other public property used for public purposes. Any organization seeking exemption must prove it is entitled to an exemption.


Exemption Form

PDF  Application for Exemption of Real Estate Taxation
(Not for Disabled Veterans' Use) 

Special Note to Disabled Veterans!
Some disabled veterans are eligible for exemptions. To apply for a Disabled Veterans' Tax Exemption, you must have these general qualifications:

  1. You must be a 100% service-connected disabled veteran.
  2. The disability should have occurred during a war service period.
  3. The disabled veteran must also demonstrate the financial need for tax exemption.
  4. Upon the death of a qualified veteran, tax exemption may pass to the unmarried spouse if financial need can be demonstrated.

For more information and an application, contact Allegheny County Veterans' Services at (412) 621-4357 or visit the Allegheny County Veterans' Services web page.