Council Member Robinson Announces Support for the District Attorney’s Proposed Task Force Upon the Consideration of Issues of Safety and Public Involvement

 PITTSBURGH – Allegheny County Council Member William Russell Robinson announces his support of the District Attorney’s proposal to create a specialized task force to deal with the increasing drug related crimes occurring in the Eastern suburbs. This assurance of support however has been conditioned on the DA’s consideration and assurances that certain precautions be taken in this endeavor.

In a recent meeting with the District Attorney Council Member Robinson specifically addressed three areas of concern which he would like to see addressed if the DA successfully creates the task force: Firstly, he would like assurances that special care be taken to adhere to the constricts of due process rights, that those targeted by any action by the task force not be subject to racial profiling. Secondly that the DA consider the legislation which was introduced by Council Member Robinson earlier in the term which seeks to establish a mechanism for private advisory counsel to be appointed in lieu of the DA in cases involving police misconduct resulting in a homicide. Finally he would like to see the creation of a County-wide Citizen’s Review Board much like the Board which currently oversees citizen’s complaints over city of Pittsburgh officers.

“If the District Attorney supports my concerns then I will in turn support his endeavor to receive additional County Funds to create his task force. Further, I plan to introduce an amendment at tonight’s Budget and Finance meeting to include additional funds in the amount of $125,000 to be set aside for training officers throughout the County to be better equipped to deal with the increase in drug trafficking and violence that has occurred in the Eastern suburbs and which will benefit the entire County by making sure that all of our officers have the tools and support they need to effectively and correctly do their job.”

“I want to continue to cooperate and work with the District Attorney to achieve both my goals and his. I will always be available for assistance and dialogue regarding how the County can address these very important and difficult problems.”

For more information, contact Council Member Robinson at 412-350-6570.