Council Member Robinson Announces Candidacy for President of Council

PITTSBURGH – In a communication circulated to Council last week, Allegheny County Council Member William Russell Robinson announced his intention to run for the Presidency upon the reorganization of Council this January. His goals are to ensure diversity of leadership, foster bi-partisanship, and rebuild the institution of Council.

“I believe that the President of Council should strive for diversity in leadership. We have seen far too few women in leadership roles on this Council. The prominent positions on Council should be reflective of the body as well as the constituency which it represents. We have been blessed with a significant and growing number of women representatives and it is time that they share in positions of influence.”

“If elected President, I will move Council in a new direction. It is my intention to build the legislative body into a strong and viable institution which can provide the necessary checks and balances intended in a democratic system of government. I welcome the new members of Council to join me in this endeavor and I intend to work with my colleagues, both Democrat and Republican, to foster a relevant and strong governing presence so that all our constituents may be served.”

For more information, contact Council Member Robinson at 412-350-6570.

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