Council Member Robinson to be guest on KQV

PITTSBURGH – Allegheny County Council Member William Russell Robinson’s KQV Pittsburgh Profiles interview will air 6:30 AM on Saturday, November 2nd and Sunday, November 3rd at 7:20 PM in which he will speak about The August Wilson Center as an important part of a larger black agenda.

Council Member Robinson has suggested including funding for the Center within Allegheny County’s 2014 Budget however, he has stated that he does not want to step in front of the judicial process currently at hand.

“As the case is currently being deliberated in the Court of Common Pleas under Judge Christine Ward, I do not want to commit funds to the Center until a determination has been made. Once a decision is made within the courts then I believe it is Council’s place to be involved in a plan to give the August Wilson Center the best possible chance of survival. Now is the time to come together with the community, the Board and other supporting institutions to ensure the continued existence of the Center.”

Council Member Robinson also expressed gratitude to his colleagues who voted in support of his motion to participate in a plan to save the Center.

For more information, contact Council Member Robinson at 412-350-6570.

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