Council Member Robinson Issues Statement on The August Wilson Center

PITTSBURGH – Allegheny County Council Member William Russell Robinson has issued a statement regarding his intent to introduce legislation to provide funding for the August Wilson Center.

“The August Wilson Center is a primary example of something that should be at or near the top of a black agenda, such as I have described in the past,” noted Mr. Robinson.  “Allegheny County can be instrumental in preserving this cultural asset, and in attempting to obtain the assistance of the Commonwealth in doing so.”

Mr. Robinson has indicated that he will introduce two bills to this end.  First, he will introduce a motion at Council’s next regular meeting requesting the Commonwealth’s assistance in funding the August Wilson Center, and pledging the County’s cooperation with local funding in conjunction with any assistance rendered by the Commonwealth.  Second, regardless of assistance from the Commonwealth, he will introduce a bill to provide funding to the Center through the County’s 2014 capital budget.

“I have already praised the initial efforts of Pittsburgh Mayoral candidate Bill Peduto, as well as the efforts made to date by a number of other individuals who have been running for Mayor this year,” said Council Member Robinson.  “These efforts, in my opinion, constitute a workable starting point for formulating a black agenda that will ultimately work to the advantage of all residents of both the City and County.”

“But equally importantly, it obviously goes without saying that the County’s African-American population transcends the City’s boundaries,” noted Mr. Robinson.  “As a result, this issue has significant ramifications for all of the County’s residents and, by extension, for each of us as residents and elected representatives.  The August Wilson Center is a perfect example of this, as individuals come into the City of Pittsburgh from areas throughout the County in order to visit the Center and enjoy the many events that take place there.”

For more information, contact Council Member Robinson at 412-350-6570.

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