Kane Glen Hazel Parties with Aetna Medicare Volunteers

 Residents party with Medicare volunteers Residents party with Medicare volunteers Residents party with Medicare volunteers 

Kane Glen Hazel threw a Green Street Block Party, hosted by the Aetna Medicare Volunteers, on Friday, June 7th. The block party had music and games for the residents.  Two DJ's were playing music, and there were various stations around the room that had board games. 

"This is our third year volunteering here, and this is what we like to do to volunteer," said Joselyn Dayoub, Member Service Manager of Aetna Medicare.  "We love coming back and seeing familiar residents and meeting new ones too.  We brought 32 volunteers with us today, and I love seeing them mingle with the residents."

June 7th was also National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, and the residents celebrated with nice ice cream sundaes.

"We made chocolate sundaes and homemade chocolate milk shakes," said Gwen Baugh, volunteer coordinator at Kane Glen Hazel.

Volunteers from Aetna Medicare have been visiting Kane Glen Hazel since 2010.  Since then, they've grown to know the residents, and they look forward to visits.  The volunteers have been involved with many events at Kane Glen Hazel, including a carnival last year, as well as purchasing and delivering presents to the residents around the holidays.

"In Medicare, we serve a unique population, so we go the extra mile to help our members when they reach out to us," said Dayoub.  "Extending that sense of dedication and compassion out into the community is a great example of how our employees are bringing the Aetna way of life through teamwork, employee engagement and a strong commitment to helping those in need."

For more information, contact Bryan Nicodemus, Community Relations, at 412.422.6773, or Gwen Baugh, Volunteer Coordinator, at 412.422.6982.