MEDIA ADVISORY: Councilman Drozd Calls for Reductions in the Pennsylvania General Assembly

PITTSBURGH - At tonight’s regular meeting of County Council, Council Member Matt Drozd will call upon County Council consider a motion calling for the General Assembly to amend the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and amend and/or repeal the Public Official Compensation Law ( P.L. 160, Act 39 of 1983) to reduce the size and the compensation of the members of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Constitution sets the membership of the House and the Senate. Statutory law currently dictates the salaries paid to the General Assembly.

Pennsylvania currently has no initiative mechanism to place such a proposal on the ballot by its citizens directly, thus the General Assembly must introduce legislation calling for a constitutional amendment to alter the size and compensation of the state legislature. In the event such amendments are passed by a majority of the House and Senate, they shall be submitted to the electors of the state and approved by a majority of those voting, and shall become part of the Pennsylvania Constitution.

“I believe that our state legislature passes too many laws that negatively impact its citizens with an excess of unfunded mandates handed down to local governments. Our General Assembly is larger and is paid more than other states with greater populations. We should look to the legislature of Texas as our model. The Texas State Legislature is paid as a part-time position and serves a much larger population yet they are rated highly as an effective governing body.”

“I welcome input from members of Council, the business community and the public on this topic,” he added.

CONTACT:  Matt Drozd can be reached at his home office (412-364-1600), or Council office line (412-350-6525).