Fitzgerald Submits Legislation & Appointment to Council


PITTSBURGH – County Executive Rich Fitzgerald submitted two bills to County Council for consideration at its upcoming meeting:

  • Resolution amending the Grants and Special Accounts Budget to (1) authorize a grant from the Port of Pittsburgh Commissioner for the Allegheny County Police:  $130,980 for a remote operated vehicle, part of a comprehensive river security plan that will give the Department the capability to respond to water-related threats; and (2) increase the Sheriff’s Act 47 Computer Fund to $630,000 to assist the Sheriff in replacing obsolete computers in vehicles and to update mobile technology.
  • Resolution amending the 2011 Capital Budget to reallocate appropriations established for improvements to 3333 Forbes Avenue to County Morgue Renovations ($3,325,000 increase to total of $7,225.000) and establishing two new projects: North Park Boathouse Sprinkler System ($180,000) and Fourth Avenue Garage Demolition ($500,000).  No increase in County bond funds will be required and the overall total of the 2011 Capital Budget will remain unchanged. 

Additionally, the Executive submitted one appointment for consideration:

  • Austin Davis, Allegheny County Housing Authority

# # #