Fitzgerald Submits Legislation & Appointment to Council

PITTSBURGH – County Executive Rich Fitzgerald submitted three items of legislation to County Council for consideration at its upcoming meeting:

  • Ordinance amending the State Implementation Plan (SIP) to include regulations to limit the amount of volatile organic chemicals in the coatings, inks or solvents used for offset Lithographic Printing, Flexible Package Printing, and Industrial Solvent Cleaning Operations
  • Ordinance amending the SIP to include regulations for an increased set back requirement, additional stack height criteria, use restrictions on Air Quality Action Days, and the addition of simple reporting requirements at purchase time
  • Ordinance amending the SIP to include reasonably available control technologies for Miscellaneous Metal and/or Plastic Parts Surface Coating Processes; Automobile and Light-Duty Truck Assembly Coatings; Miscellaneous Industrial Adhesives; and Fiberglass Boat Manufacturing Materials

Additionally, the Executive submitted one appointment to County Council for consideration:

  • Robert Hurley, Port Authority of Allegheny County

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