Fitzgerald Statement on Approval of Mineral Lease at Pittsburgh Airport

PITTSBURGH – County Executive Rich Fitzgerald released the following statement this evening following County Council’s approval of an ordinance authorizing the lease of minerals at the Pittsburgh International Airport and permitting drilling and other necessary operations to extract oil, gas, natural gas liquids and other minerals:

“The vote by County Council earlier this evening is exciting news for Allegheny County. It isn’t often that the County is able to announce a billion dollar investment, but that’s exactly what Council’s action allows us to do tonight.  While the revenues from this deal will go directly to the airport, Allegheny County taxpayers benefit too – by reducing business costs for airlines and increasing our airport’s competitiveness, creating a new source of revenue for the airport to make capital improvements and, perhaps most importantly, allowing additional investment in the economic development opportunities in the airport corridor.  That part of Allegheny County is one of the fastest growing areas today – current development around the airport already accounts for over 5,000 jobs.  With this type of investment, there will be even more growth of good, family-sustaining jobs in our community.”

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