Fitzgerald Submits Legislation to Council


PITTSBURGH – County Executive Rich Fitzgerald submitted two items of legislation to County Council for consideration at its upcoming meeting:

  • Resolution authorizing pursuit of a Tax Increment Financing plan to pay for portions of the Westport Woods Development to be located in Findlay Township. The development encompasses roughly 100 acres on which business and industrial flex space is planned for construction.  Proceeds of the TIF will be used to fund a portion of the costs associated with public infrastructure improvements, which may include among other things, environmental remediation; road construction; and the construction of new water, sewer, and storm water infrastructure.
  • Resolution amending the Grants & Special Accounts Budget for eight items:
    • Homeless Management Information System (Department of Human Services) – $94,372
    • Economic Independence Program Support (Department of Human Services) – $100,000
    • Employment, Advancement & Retention Network (EARN) Program (Department of Human Services) – $1,439,728
    • Family Support Center Hazelwood (Department of Human Services) – $250,000
    • Housing Assistance Program (Department of Human Services) – $25,121
    • VITA Tax Assistance Program (Department of Human Services) – $4,633
    • Work Ready/Supported Engagement (Department of Human Services) – $55,075
    • Community Development Block Grant Program, Year 39 (Department of Economic Development) – $15,300,000

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