Kane Employees Attend Long Term Care Retreat

250 Cans of Food Donated to Local Food Bank

Kane Regional Center employees recently attended a retreat devoted to team work/problem solving and cultural change in the long term care environment. The seminar was conducted by the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and is part of an ongoing program entitled “Long Term Care Champions.”

“Culture change is the term given to the national movement for the transformation of older adult services based on person-directed values and practices,” said Angel Hoffman, Corporate Quality/ Compliance Officer for the Kane Regional Centers.  “Core person-directed values are choice, dignity, respect, self-determination and purposeful living.”

Wayne Grim, newly appointed Manager of Human Resources for the Kane centers kicked off the meeting with a presentation on leadership and communication.  Much of the discussion centered on differences between a manager and a leader.  “Leadership can occur at any level of the organization, the positive example you set by doing the right thing in whatever position you have makes you a leader and a champion,” said Grim.

As part of the team work and problem solving aspect of the program the Kane employees were split into small groups and given a specific project to work on.  The teams were tasked with building a sculpture out of food cans and art supplies that made a statement about the Kane centers.  Michelle Anderson, Program Manager with the Jewish Healthcare Foundation said, “The energy and creativity of the participants throughout the day was inspiring. We are excited for the Champions to apply these principles to everyday work and thrilled to support them through their quality improvement journey.”

The cans from the project were put to good use through a donation to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.  Greg Ross from the First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh accepted the donation and selected the best overall sculpture.  “The canned goods will be put into our system immediately in grocery bags that are now being packed for the holiday season,” said Ross.

“We thank the Jewish Healthcare Foundation for their ongoing partnership,” said Dennis Biondo, Executive Director of the Kane Regional Centers.  “We also thank the Kane Champions for all of their efforts and I encourage them to put these principles into practice.”


For more information, contact Bill LaLonde, Community Outreach Representative at 412.422.6773.  

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