BNY Mellon Volunteers Bring Back Childhood Memories

Kane Glen Hazel Residents Treated to Carnival

BNY Mellon Volunteers BNY Mellon Volunteers

The BNY Mellon Community Partnership volunteers were out in full force recently at Kane Glen Hazel.  The staff and residents welcomed 39 volunteers who worked a long and hard, but fun day at the facility.

The volunteers started out by joining some residents in making decorations for the Haunted House.  The Haunted Gold Mine has become a popular annual ritual during the Halloween season at Kane Glen Hazel.

“The Haunted House is a huge project for our team and the volunteers sure helped us get off to a fast start set up wise,” said Albert Pantone, Recreational Therapist.  “The BNY Mellon crew truly put their hearts and souls into the project.”

The action then turned to the courtyard where the carnival was held.  The volunteers assisted the staff in decorating and setting up game booths.  There were corn stalks, bales of hay, pumpkins and fall wreaths.  Part of the group manned the booths while another group escorted residents from their rooms to the outdoor courtyard.  The festive atmosphere created by the decorations added to the excitement of the carnival.  The residents enjoyed games such as Tin Pan Alley, Toss and Tussle and Pork Chop Speedway.  They were also entertained by a clown that made balloons and a hula hoop performer.

Gina Jenkins, the leader of the BNY Mellon group said, “Our volunteers sincerely enjoy the time that we get to spend with the Kane residents.  We have made lasting connections with many of the long term residents and we continued to be touched by the residents that have just recently arrived.”

“Kane Glen Hazel appreciates the alliance we have with the BNY Mellon Community Partnership over the past years,” said Gwen Baugh-Conlin, Volunteer Services Supervisor.  “At times it feels like a family reunion when the volunteers and residents get together.”

The Kane Regional Centers would like to thank BNY Mellon and their volunteers for all of their efforts over the years.  Their visits have filled the hearts of our residents and staff.

For more information contact Gwen Baugh-Conlin, Volunteer Services Supervisor, at Kane Glen Hazel at 412.422.6983 or Bill LaLonde, Community Outreach Representative, at 412.422.6773.

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