Allegheny County Senior Centers to Extend Hours on Thursday

PITTSBURGH - In order to provide seniors relief from the heat, tomorrow, July 12 the following Allegheny County senior centers will extend their hours of operation:




Times Open

Catholic Youth /
Stephen Foster

286 Main Street
Pittsburgh 15201


7 am – 7 pm

Jewish Community Center

5738 Forbes Avenue


9 am – 9:30 pm

Seton Center

1900 Pioneer Avenue
Pittsburgh, 15226


7 am - 9 pm 

Greenfield Center

745 Greenfield Avenue
Pittsburgh 15217


8 am – 7 pm

Homewood Center

7321 Frankstown Avenue, Pittsburgh 15208


8 am – 7 pm

South Side Market
House Center

12th and Bingham Streets
Pittsburgh PA 15203


8 am – 7 pm

Sheraden Center

720 Sherwood Avenue
Pittsburgh, 15204


8 am – 7 pm

All county residents ages 60 and older are also welcome to visit any of the county-funded senior centers during regular hours of operation to socialize and enjoy activities while taking refuge from the heat. For a list of all Allegheny County senior centers, visit DHS Senior Community Centers.

AAA also encourages residents to be particularly mindful of the elderly as the temperature rises. The agency and its contracted providers will maintain contact with frail, isolated and high-risk seniors who are registered for care management with AAA. Care managers will respond to emergency needs as they arise, making sure that seniors are safe and stable.

However, not all elderly citizens are registered for care management with AAA and, therefore, may need to be checked on by neighbors, friends or relatives. The following are tips offered to those who plan to check on seniors:

  • Offer a glass of water or a non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated beverage. Sit with them as they drink it. If plain water is boring, try one of the no-calorie fruit flavored waters.
  • Check for breathing difficulty or other signs of distress, such as swelling of the ankles, or disorientation. Seek medical attention if needed, or simply call a medical professional for advice.
  • Check to see that window air conditioning units are operating in good order. If there is no air conditioning, make sure that there is good cross-ventilation, aided by fans.
  • Check to see that they are eating. If they are not eating because of lack of appetite, try offering light protein-laden foods, such as fully cooked eggs, cottage cheese or lentils.

If seniors resist visits, encourage them to agree to a few telephone calls each day, but pay attention to whether the person sounds alert, and if they can tell you which medicines they have taken. If they are willing, invite them to stay with you for a few days until the difficult weather passes.

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