County Council Member Matt Drozd to Propose an Amendment Allowing Voters to Repeal the “Resign to Run” Provision

PITTSBURGH - Matt Drozd will introduce an ordinance at the General Meeting of County Council this evening which proposes the following legislation be placed on the November 2012 ballot:

An Ordinance of the County of Allegheny, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania directing the County Board of Elections to place on the 2012 November General Election Ballot for the consideration of the County’s voters a referendum question concerning whether the County’s Home Rule Charter should be amended to allow Members of County Council to run for nomination or election to another elected office without having to first resign from County Council provided that they accept no pay or stipends during their candidacy.

 The legislation will allow voters to decide whether or not it is fair to restrict County Council Members from seeking election to other offices while holding the part time position on County Council. Mr. Drozd believes the Charter should be amended to allow members of County Council to exercise what he believes is a constitutional right to seek office. This right is accorded to all other elected officials in Allegheny County.

 Mr. Drozd believes that any possible conflict would be avoided by mandating a prohibition from accepting pay or stipends from the County for the duration of the campaign process. He would like his proposed legislation to serve as a model for all elected officials and believes that they should opt out of their own stipends while campaigning.

For additional information, please contact Council Member Drozd at 412-364-1600.

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