Council Member Vince Gastgeb to Meet with Chief Executive Fitzgerald to Discuss Proposed Port Authority T System Stop Closures

PITTSBURGH - Allegheny County Council Member Vince Gastgeb will meet at 2:00 this afternoon with Allegheny County Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald at the Sandy Creek T stop, located in Bethel Park.  This T stop was created in order to serve the Sandy Creek Apartment complex, as well as other residents of the area.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the proposed closure of Port Authority T stops, including Sandy Creek.

“I am heartened by Chief Executive Fitzgerald’s willingness to meet with me to discuss the impact of these proposed T stop closures,” said Council Member Gastgeb.  “This is a good first step, and will allow the Executive to see the effects of the proposed closure firsthand.  My ultimate goal, of course, is to keep as many stops as possible open, because the trolley system has existed for decades and was specifically designed from the outset to be a neighborhood-oriented service.  This is the first step in attempting to meet that goal.” 

Mr. Gastgeb has long noted that the overall issue is the efficiency with which the Port Authority conducts its operations.  “History has conclusively shown that merely providing additional funding and cutting service is not a long term solution to the problems besetting the Port Authority,” noted Mr. Gastgeb.  “The proposed T closures are no different than the service reductions that we have all witnessed over the last few years, in that they are all stopgap measures that do not in any way address the fundamental fiscal issues besetting the Authority.”

 For more information, contact Council Member Gastgeb at 412-350-6545.

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