Macey, Fitzgerald Bill Moves Guaranteed Energy Savings Program Forward

 PITTSBURGH – Legislation co-sponsored by Council Member Bob Macey and County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, and approved by County Council last night, allows the county to move forward on a Guaranteed Energy Savings Agreement that, in its initial stages, has already resulted in savings for the county.

“With the financial constraints that the county currently has, we should be taking every opportunity to make our operations more efficient and cost-effective,” said Macey.  “This program with Noresco has already shown energy savings at the County Jail and one of the Kane Regional Centers and I am looking forwarding to the improvements that we can see as we expand this program.”

During the initial phase of the program, the County Jail utilized a number of energy conservation measures including new corrections-grade plumbing controls, lighting upgrades, water conservation, high efficiency chillers, HVAC upgrades, power factor correction, waste disposal system, steam system upgrades and domestic water pumping upgrades.  Additionally, Kane Ross saw lighting upgrades, water conservation, new high efficiency boilers and HVAC upgrades. 

“I’m thrilled to see how productive this program has been so far,” said Fitzgerald. “As we expand the program to the other Kane facilities, Shuman, the City-County Office Building and County Office Building, I expect that there will be even more savings.  These facilities have critical capital needs and this program allows us to address those will continuing to maintain our other facilities.”

The program allows for critical capital needs to be partially funded through excess cash flow from current projects.  Improvements are financed through a tax-exempt municipal lease, with no impact on bond debt capacity.  The construction completion time is 18 months, including all engineering, design, construction management and measurement and verification.

Resolution 7005-12 was approved by the full Council at last night’s meeting and will be signed by the County Executive later this week.

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